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Ice Machines

Successful business and restaurant owners know that leasing an icemaker rather than owning one is the most economical and dependable way of providing ice to their customers and employees.

The cost of leasing an icemaker averages about $3.00 per day and there are no unexpected and expensive repair costs. If your ice needs change due to an increase in customers or business expansion the lease can be changed easily for the appropriate type and size machine.

With its small footprint, the 400 pound Ice-O-Matic® cuber model over a 550 pound ice bin is perfect in a restaurant or hotel kitchen or any area with limited space.  The larger ice storage bin also allows for ice recovery time overnight.
The Ice-O-Matic® dispenser models work well in applications where customers or employees have access such as hotels and employee breakrooms. The cup activated dispensers keep the ice sanitary and the convenient water filler option is also available.

The Ice-O-matic® flaker models are a must for the seafood industry. This self-contained undercounter unit takes up less space and the high moisture content of the flaked ice is perfect for displaying and maintaining the freshness of meat, poulty and fish.
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